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Office Desk


Our family has been working in this downtown Wiarton location for decades.  As time has changed the way the world works, we transitioned out of a full time professional office to a mobile and home office to better meet the needs of our family and clients.  We know first hand that the traditional brick and mortar office doesn't work for every business.  The maintenance, overhead, time and energy a large full-time build out requires can be better spent in your business or better yet with your loved ones.  Not to mention, working alone or with the same group of colleagues doesn't give any opportunity to network with other amazing businesspeople.  We discovered co-working and immediately knew this was a much needed service in our community.  From small businesses who require affordable space, remote workers who need a break from the home office, students who need a quiet place to work, seasonal residents requiring a high speed connection and local groups who want room to meet and work, co-working is a solution for so many.  Co-working provides an opportunity to double down on your goals, an affordable solution to meet with clients and flexible space to suit your needs.   Like a gym membership for your business, we can provide everything you need to work and thrive.

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