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Enjoy the Best Truck Driving Experience with Truck Simulator: Ultimate Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Fuel, VIP) 1.1.7

Truck Simulator: Ultimate Mod is a simulation game combining tycoon elements, first released in a truck driving game. Start your own company, become a boss. Towards the goal of becoming the largest transportation company in the world. A series of tasks of a boss for you to perform. Hire employees, upgrade facilities at the company. Manage personal working time to arrange work accordingly. Also, get to drive in a realistic simulator provided by publisher Zuuks Games. Background, routes, missions, and many other activities during the driving process. You can directly take on the role of a truck driver to experience an extremely realistic ride.

truck simulator ultimate mod apk (unlimited money 1.1 7)

Start your career with a tractor truck provided by Truck Simulator: Ultimate Mod. You drive to the place where the container is kept to receive the shipping goods. Correctly reverse the vehicle to connect to the container. At this point, your real mission begins. Drive safely, obey traffic laws to move to the required location. At that time, you will complete the task and receive the reward. Go on new trips, transport new goods to different locations. Gradually, you will earn a lot of money, from which you can develop your own shipping company.

More than 32 tracks are designed in the style of America and Europe. Each truck in Truck Simulator: Ultimate Mod has its own unique design. For American trucks, the head is designed to be longer, not as slim as the trailer of European trucks. They are designed and manufactured by many famous car manufacturers in the world. With some familiar brands such as Ford, Mercedes Benz, Isuzu, Hyundai, Thaco, etc. Each car is equipped with a huge engine block, which can generate huge capacity. Helps the trailer to pull heavy goods, can move flexibly on the road. However, owning a car as desired is not easy at all. Because the money to buy them is not cheap.


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