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Robert Gomez
Robert Gomez

Juicy Futa

The story being told here is just great. As well as the time travel stuff, Juicy Futa has a lot of depth as this island is kind of divided with some of them embracing what a hot futa you are and the others not being too sure of things. I do feel that things are more pushed toward the futa and male characters rather than the futa and female characters, but that could be me just nitpicking if I am being honest with you.

Juicy Futa


the best, No offense taken :)New place to visit "The police station"3 new characters to meet Beth, Brad and Bret2 new sex scenesNew dating system. You can now choose the day you want to meet with peopleGloria design has been remade.AN AVATAR MAKER!The notebook on your desk is now an avatar maker. Create your own futas in Juicy Futa art style!

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